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We're thrilled to introduce you to the revamped MDSS, designed to elevate your shopping experience. Discover the following features that make navigating our site more seamless, convenient and personalised.

User Accounts:

Create an Account: Enjoy a personalised shopping experience. Track orders, save favorites, and streamline checkout. Create an acount HERE or at the checkout.

Order History: Access a comprehensive overview of your past orders.

Wish Lists:

Build Your Wishlist: Curate your perfect shopping list with the ability to create multiple wishlists. Name and organise wishlists based on specific activities, subjects, or projects.

Organised Shopping: Streamline your purchasing process by adding products to wishlists categorised by each unique art activity. This method makes it easier to shop for the items you need for a particular project or lesson.

Effortless Reordering: Keep track of your preferred supplies by maintaining wishlists for different needs. When it's time to replenish or reorder, simply refer to your saved wishlists for a quick and efficient shopping experience.


Discover Your Favourites: Explore the “Favourites” section in your account. Easily access a list of previous products you’ve ordered for a quick and convenient reordering process.

Improved Navigation: 

Intuitive Menus: Find school supplies effortlessly with our user-friendly navigation system.

Responsive Design: 

Seamless Across Devices: Enjoy a consistent and enjoyable browsing experience on any device.

Enhanced Search Functionality:

Find What You Need: Quickly locate specific products or categories with our upgraded search functionality.

Exclusive Promotions: 

Stay Informed: Receive exclusive promotions, discounts, and updates on the latest school supplies.

Secure Checkout: 

Peace of Mind: Our secure checkout process ensures the safety of your personal information. 

Explore these features and more as we continue to evolve MDSS to cater to your needs. Thank you for choosing us as your go-to destination for all your school supply needs!